I Love My Commute!

Written by Patricia Ayotte, Accounting Manager

Everyone who has a job commutes to work somehow. Be it driving, walking, riding a bike, or like myself, taking public transportation, we all commute. Maybe love is too strong a word, but on the whole I do enjoy my commute. When you take public transportation you can text and it’s legal. When you skip the elevators and the escalators you get lots of exercise running up and down stairs. If you are a people watcher this is the place to do that. You also see some of the same people day after day. Over the years I have made a lot of “commuter friends”. Some of these “commuter friends” have become some of my best friends. But, my all-time favorite thing about commuting on public transportation is that I can sit back, relax, read a book and let someone else do the driving.
I moved from Clifton Park, NY to Revere, MA in 1981. To say things were different is an understatement. There was no form of public transportation in Clifton Park at that time, we did not even have a cab we could call. If you didn’t drive you were completely dependent on other people to take you places.
We got lucky with the apartment we rented in Revere, it was a block from a blue line train station. When I first got here, I never rode the T, I drove everywhere … until I had to come to Kenmore Square for a job interview. The person who called me to set up the interview suggested I take public transportation because I probably would not find parking if I drove in. She asked if I had access to the T and when I said yes, she gave me directions to get from the blue line to the green line, exiting at Kenmore Station. I thanked her, and with great confidence, said I would be there soon even though I had no idea where there was.
I suppose if my first commute was a bad experience I would have been less likely to embrace public transportation, but it was not. That day, every time I was absolutely sure I was lost, and had to ask someone if I was going in the right direction, they were quick to assure me I was and would give me detailed instructions. I made it to Kenmore Square, disembarked the train, left the station and stood on the sidewalk with no idea where Beacon Street was, which was my destination. I stopped a man and he told me exactly how to walk to where I was headed. He even walked with me part way, even though he was originally headed the other way, to bring me to where I could see Beacon Street. That was almost 35 years ago and the rest as they say is history.

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