Spinning …. Does it really help knee problems?

Written by Vallerie Gamble, Vice President

I have never been a fan of spinning since my younger days. I took my first spin class about 20 years ago and absolutely despised it. The seat was uncomfortable and the music was way too loud. Just not my cup of tea. From this day forward I swore it off for good.
Fast forward to the present. I started having problems with my knee and one day an instructor at the gym I work out at suggested spinning. I looked at this woman like she had five heads. I said to myself “Does this woman know that I have sworn this class off for good?”
Weeks and months had passed and every time this instructor saw me in any of her classes she would say “Vallerie you need to take a spin class for that knee, I guarantee your knee will feel better!” This woman was absolutely insane but she was persistent.
Countless visits to physical therapy, MRI’s and even a suggestion of a cortisone shot. Let’s pause right there …. I am petrified of needles so this was never EVER EVER going to happen. There was also a suggestion of getting the fluid drained off my knee. How is this done … with a big needle. Absolutely not!
Never in my life would contemplate taking spin EVER but at this point anything beats a needle.
It was recommended that I take a beginners class, which I did. It was very low impact and somewhat easy with the exception of that uncomfortable seat. I was ready to give up on spin after the first day because no change in my knee. The instructor says “It’s not an instant fix, you have to continue to come”. “REALLY” was my response. This woman insisted that I was going to love it!
Now for me to do this I must first invest in a seat cover and mentally prepare myself. At the start of the next class I put my seat cover on and adjusted the settings on my bike. I mount the bike reluctantly … on comes the music and class begins. Oh my, this was no longer a beginner’s class! Oh the hatred I felt for my instructor … this was almost as painful as giving birth to a child! But I stuck with it. The lesson I learned this day was that spin is a self paced workout and you do what you can and go at your own pace.
Who would have ever thought that I would love spin? No one not even me. Oh wait, my instructor did. My hatred towards my instructor turned into a new found love for her and her class. Missing a Monday nights class with Marissa Grant EVER was unheard of! Anytime I can make her spin class I am there front and center.
My new found love … Spinning! Oh did I mention … I no longer suffer from knee pain!

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